Parchie’s Lair

Calling all agents of the International Counter Parchie Task Force (ICPTF)

This morning at 0600GMT we received intelligence from a confidential informant (Code Name AAM) that Parchie (aka Archie Parchie) has established a new base at a location known as 19 Lotus Heights.

Our Confidential Informant has also informed us that Parchie will be alone in his base from 1215GMT until 1730GMT today.

We are calling on all agents of ICPTF to proceed to this location ASAP and coordinate with all other agents upon arrival.

It will be you mission to gain entry to the property and conduct a search and decipher all available clues so we can finally get the the bottom of this creature called Parchie. What is his past? What makes him the way that he is? What are his goals? and most importantly – What can we do about it all!?!

Be careful in there team, we also have intelligence that Parchie has acquired access to a number of cloaking devices. As such, he may appear in the guise of “A very good boy” “The fluffiest little wiggle-butt in the whole wide worlds” “Mummy’s best boys” or others unknown.

Good luck in there team!