Why should I play?

We all want a little luxury in our lives, whether it be a dream holiday, a high-performance car, or even a little extra cash. Unfortunately, though, luxury always comes at a price…

Well, with Ace High Competitions that price need not be too high!!

Every week, we give you multiple chances to win luxury goods for a fraction of their value – and with competition entries from as low as £3.99, everybody can afford a little luxury in their lives!

All of our competitions are completely transparent. The number of entries available for each competition is clearly stated on our website and an entry list is published before every draw. Every draw is live streamed online and the results and winners are published on our website.

Who can enter a competition?

Our competitions are open to anyone aged over 16.

How do I enter a competition?

To enter a Competition, you must firstly create an account on our Website and then follow the on-screen instructions to:

                         1. pick the Competition you want to enter;

                         2. answer the Competition Question;

                         3. choose how many tickets you wish to purchase;

                         4. tick the declaration confirming you have accepted the Terms and Conditions; and

                         5. provide your payment details and complete your entry.

How many times am I allowed to enter any one competition?

An entrant can enter any one competition a maximum of 25 times.

How good are my chances of winning?

Your chances depend on how many tickets are available for the competition you enter. For example, if 100 tickets are available in total and you purchase 20 tickets, you will have a 1 in 5 chance of winning the competition. We will always clearly state how many tickets are available for each competition.

When does a competition close?

Each competition has its own closing date which is displayed on the competition page. If a competition sells out early, we will bring the draw date forward.

What happens if a competition has not sold out by the closing date?

If a competition does not sell out, we will add some extra time in order for all the tickets to sell. If the competition is still not sold out, all entrants will go into a live draw to win a cash alternative equal to 70% of the total ticket sales instead.

How are the winners chosen?

All of our draws are live streamed on Facebook. We choose our winning numbers using Google’s Random Number Generator.

How will I know if I have won?

Hopefully, you will have seen your lucky number being drawn in our live draw!! In any case, we will contact you after the draw to congratulate you and arrange collection of your prize.

Can I withdraw from a competition?

Unfortunately not as all entries are final.

How can I unsubscribe from your Newsletter?

You can unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the Newsletter.